Nr. 5594


pomnóż całą swoją wiedzę przez to, co potrafisz zrobić dzisiaj ~ a otrzymasz kwadrat własnego doświadczenia, które osiągniesz w ostatnim dniu swojego życia

Nr. 5593


Honor your Father who prays for you and the Mother who always knows all your cares that accumulate in your life, and all those who keep their fingers crossed for you, that you may not be successful because of their morbid jealousy for you, because you alone in life you are able to handle anything

Nr. 5592


you will not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain, to which you are subject as a subordinate, which youlater call ''going to work'' and by praying daily for each month in which you accidentally managed to fulfill all your wishes and dreams your Savior

Nr. 5591


remember that you should keep the sanctity all 365 in every year and always keep each morning in mind, starting with pious wishes which should be fulfilled as recommendations of this Most High

Nr. 5590


nor will you desire any things of your neighbor that would be of use to you and would lie on his table, even for what you would like to use it yourself, at the same time take it for free and not stand in a long line

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