Nr. 5589


do not covet your neighbor's wife or any other married woman who is your friend or neighbor, even if she herself loves you out of love and you yourself would like her to cheat on her own husband, whom she still calls him guilty of female enlightenment

Nr. 5588


do not say a false testimony in front of the camera and into the microphone that you create for your neighbor's needs, so that he would be forced to stick to your views forever ~ knowing that most people who think logically treat your fairy tales as political science fiction that you remove from under your service mask that the Most High always commands you to wear

Nr. 5587


swear to Me that you have no other God's before Me, you will recognize Me as the Judge of the Last Judgment who will create for you eternally his own Law and Justice ~ where I will always decide for you what you will need here in My Heaven in exchange for what will be redundant there on your Earth

Nr. 5586


don't kill any love in anyone, just copy it with a photocopier to duplicate its values in other hearts ~ the jealousy that arises in the minds of other people always hurts those souls who have never experienced it with their women in any position and form

Nr. 5585


don't steal anyone's thoughts, just Bluetooth help yourself to download views from others ~ then no one will accuse you of rumors that will help you slander others in the future, in front of those people who are bound by the conscience clause

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